Saturday, August 17, 2013

Right Way or Downward Dog Yoga Trauma

What yoga position doesn't feel to be? The downward and upward facing dog position is the only one that doesn't feel at all right now for many people in a tantra session. Why?

Because they are not liking me work. Why? They are not liking me to work my spirit flow and increase my light.

There are many that are suspicious of my work. Why?

Because they are just love oriented beings and don't feel this until they are around me and my way. Why would this be?

The suspicious is auspicious or even occasionally wiped out of love tasking and never working - on any project that long that will take you longer than 18 hours. Why would you do this to yourself?

Are you that hog tied at all?

When I work on projects, I like to feel out how I can assist but I don't know how. I just bum and make cash on the run.

When people are in ways of doing everything in the world to help you - could they be less vocal about their instrumental art of love you up until you drop babe? This attitude is around and doesn't like me at all. Love extreme anyway.