Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Online Marketing and Computer Jobs

When the economy gears degrees for computer jobs and any employment that is necessary for keeping up with technological savvy existence, why would this be?

Where is this today with technology coming up so advanced and savvy?

Where are the wise ones in the spirit realm about this?

Is Sirius star nations complaining about the emotional pull toward withering away in phlegm of wired technological knowledge that is not for everyone? Only for the ones that learn a style of judu language?

Why are you figuring out anything right now beyond a college degree for medical facility devices that say get a nursing facility position to run a show for doctors to watch and urinate on the cummings and goings?

The doctors that touch the pelvic area are not always there mentally - most of the time. So as we all got touched this way even during child birth, what system had this done from the beginning realizing that this touch would send us backwards emotionally and drown into a mental state of system quicker?

The system of quackery of the pelvic touch that aliens did in the rape of mother earth.


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