Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kitchen Stains on the Garden Balcony of Love

Kitchen and balcony delivery man at the door. The kids are feeling everything when mom is not there?

When mom is not there to play with the children they get played by the man at the door instead and have a coke and grin to win a finance system.

Oh - this man can give me stuff. Hey Nate!

Why is dad so oblivious that you are not the one to be with us as you are a feely type man.

You are one that won't feel on your wife, but you will on someones kids that feel love a bit.

Then when dad is gone and you start to hug and feel my breast, what system gets jealous?

My sister.

He is one to come over and stay on my lap and feel me up with jelly beans and candy and coke. Why is dad so oblivious to this as he says, "Mom cannot come home?"

What does Nate get for a feel from his daughters?

When the kids are placed in the care of men and the daughters are on the menstrual cycles - this is the same play with reptilian folk of ole and is not a controlled type of function until you realize that the food system has much to do with rape and our children grin and skin in order to receive more. I will give you this so I can receive this. Thanks!

What system goes beyond the name calling here to really listen to what the system is right now? The presence is still but the function involved is not all mentally there to receive everything right now.

When the system gets shaken in a love way, he reacts to the girls like foreplay. Overly friendly in order just to feel himself for one minute or two and then have a smoke and go to sleep and may masturbate to some tv. Then the children are left dripped dry and favoring men that give a smile and lingering dough of the wallet.

What does this system that wants to shake everything with me have anything to do with the mom that got kicked out for fuckery of the mental way of system play?

This was the play.

She left - came back - and now sees herself no more with the men that are now grown and are all fucking themselves over and over again in a hotel room that is supposed to be an apartment that is a factory of love nothing. Where is the love in this system?

Water and juice is going through me quick. When this living substance goes through me as me, the kids feel mom too as living. Here is what I do.


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