Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Feel For a One Stop Show

I want to do things that are very privileged and technical - so what are you feeling to do now?



Stop loving the other fired up way and don't get into a feeling that isn't so righteous. Why are you so weird? What are you doing? I am here.

But never doing so much to give you nothing.

Why are people so interested in our way in there so much? I have this other guy asking the same thing. About the WiFi. Why are you so interested in online right now?

What are you?

Can you tell what I am doing at all? These people don't care about anything but where you are and how you are.

What attitude is this I sense? What attitude is this I amend? I have nothing to do all day but this right now. What method of madness is on this blog right now?

The system treatment of issues. That's all.

Walking into a way of nothing. However you want to see yourself doing or being. I love your way. I want to do things but I love your way man. You are doing well. What system feels right now as I ask about their service to all?


I gotta get my mind right for her then. She knows. She is psychic. And she knows I'm a whirling mental case of the system and uses nothing but gets used daily in a whoring way.

What system is this now?

What system wants to feel on me?

What system will feel on him first?

The him and the her constructs of this article are all you and I. So get into a way of nothing. You will know why people play so hard with me. I am that right now.