Saturday, August 10, 2013

Health Related Illnesses and Monsanto

Walk and talk and run. Where are you feeling to systematize your beliefs into a wayward affectioned way? What way do we file for divorce without the law? What governed way is this that makes you law yourself into a claim relationship and legalize this for you so that you have to stay together if you are alike universally as laws too?

What system is outside of this created way of claim?

Where are you with the doctor bills or the scare tactics of the corn industry of Monsanto and the 9/11 scare of anything that has to do with economizing our ways here?

Where are you with knowing any of this? Ignoring this and yourself in the long run if you react nowhere for you.

What entity is so large that we are scared to progress ourselves in the world enough to see where we are now?

What fear is this dear? The living system of all or nothing?

Giving you a way to share this information without knowing how you are doing. Giving you a way to know why I hover over you so much too. Your boyfriend, sister, doctor, lawyer, lover and friends are all showing you what the fair trade is doing to our hair and nails for sure in your own world.

Get it?

Love is extreme. What is the fair trade system in our country? Anything?

What is this system that has our hair to fall out now?

Our skin to turn a yellow color before diagnosis?

Our nails to be fungaled into a way before saying we are decaying.

What way is this feeling that shows you before you do decay why our teeth feel like they are trying to fall out before we get a doctor's appointment?

I am staying into a fear way for me to know how this is happening to a vessel that was lit up with light and now exposed to speaking this out no more. But will tell you to show you if you feel to go and unwind your vessel to a point of decay and a turn around pike of living to stay just a little longer in a lighter load of heavy no more.

While all of this is happening around me, why is the system not following up on the vegetables that we may have to pay for when we grow our own crops in the backyard. What is the weed herbal system of marijuana that is used medically with a license only? Is this the crack economic big bang of dysfunction of control ego run down a bit? Lets watch this for another year or two and wonder why animals are hibernating a little longer away from our own bodies. Our rot is our stink and it affects everything around the living scheme of 3rd dimensional being.



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