Friday, August 16, 2013

CPR and Mouth to Mouth Rescue Guards and Women

The central location for any health risk or guard of ole doesn't have to be remembered in ways. What national system doesn't have to be remembered like the Navy or Army or any other logistical type facility that is remembered no more by us in the most remarkable way?

What memorial was done recently?

For the ones that fought for our rights that come and go and are only systemated type vehicles for ones that don't know?

Where are you to vibe an article this bold to do them a service call for learning a random technique that didn't fit our mindset at all?

Our living is here. Our life is new. Our tree daughter is blue. The people that fight and learn new techniques are more savvy technological agents than anything.

Where are we now in the world that is so advanced right now?

Can you tell me why I feel so quacked out of my skull to do these articles? The feelings that stream over heavy from the world is so big in the system to put out in a one shot deal, that people feel they may shot here if they linger for too long writing these journals out - why?

What fears in the world bring you a shot gun to the skull?

What skull team is this that does?

What feelings are going into your way quick when I mention the bones system of wealth and honest abe?

Ham and sausage is this way. *smiling*

What smile does not feel to smile as much?

This system. We are sorry is the feeling they bring into the world but does not bring a sound of clarity either. Where is this system now?

Mental? Caved inward in a quackery way? What system is so (terminology only for screwing) fucked out, that it doesn't have to confirm why I have to explain what that verbiage means nowadays of the technological advanced sound anyway.

Working Fighting Learning Adjusting Calling out sick

What system does the above in one non principled way and nothing gets done after that?

Clinton? William? Function of Bill? And what trust fund doesn't have to be so worthy of it?

Osamo Bin Lad isn't having fun in a death roll of spirit play either. What system goes around saying, "I got him!"

What system says, "I have the gold!"

What system does this, "I have the gold but I want to not say I have it yet, cause I don't want to die in this legacy of house that's white. But I don't have to say out loud - do i?"

Oh My Go...


When we all claim a race or a smile or a fiance or even a lifestyle here, does it end up claiming us in the long run?


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