Friday, August 9, 2013

Ad Space for Sale - Metaphysician Kenya Lynem

$477 - 6 month ad ($200 trip to South America or Asia)

$750 - 12 month ad (up to $50,000 income)

What dealings do you have with people that are more than this world right now?

The ad spaces that are here have much to do with gaining momentum on world items that are now very holistic and vibrant.

What natural setting does this speak of right now?

1 AD will gain you every month of a future calling with shaman kitara soon.

Visualize Peru Iquitos in South America with us for up to 2 months and a cost of only $2500 and beyond for anyone that doesn't feel to work more than 6 months here in the states. We are all coming together to walk our ways very light. And inexpensive. And also through a system free mindset to lighten the heart and walk extreme as the spirit world above - namaste

Ad Space