Monday, July 29, 2013

Wait Before You Panic – I am HERE

What system says you work too much?

The one that doesn't feel or the one that panics when he does feel love around?

What system doesn't feel right now?

I am here but I feel this resentment in the room about me working over hours to get these out and over into a book format and the resentment builds up in a race card nowhere. All systems are here to judge in my face.

Awareness brings this now.

Fullness of consciousness streams this article out.

What judgment says its a law of attraction?

What heart says - She is a shaman cleaner of spirit of family that are awared only in her sight to clean up before seeing her light as day and night.

What system of ex husband does this turn around when he feels I have turned a ground of bitch to the public but feels love is in the mix and doesn't give a key to see the children?

This is the healer that works hard to make amends nowhere. But to sit enough and stance you in a debate of minds only if you feel. The nowness moment is always here, but the family is ones that are not of mold of mine anymore. The mine was let go and the mind of new is here. So I aware this only and the attraction is also peace offerings. No more Kenya for you but she will be. Namaste


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