Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Soil and Water pH levels Compared to Spring Cleaning

I am shaman Kitara aka Kenya Lynem actor and comedian all the time. Where is the time clock for the watchtower that wants to oversee the soil and water at all?

The Power Source Media group is always on-call to meet your every need. What need do you feel you have? What watchtower is here for you to grow? Each and ever DNA light cell in your body for lightworker momentum ability and agility in this world structure.

The game of soil and water pH levels give you a comparison to what we are speaking about really. Where are you in the world that doesn't have a garden in the backyard and may be charged to have one in the future from system chat of justice jive?

See the following and let us know if you are on or not?

See this FIRST:

When a raw chef doesn't have the ability to do food well -

What is That?!

Giving the healing experts a side of living nice as what we all are here to do - Green chef Living Standards and Play! Only

When the healing aspects of the kitchen come into a wave of patterns and energetic callings, the kitchen becomes more sound in its aroma and food choices.

The ayahuasca healing network will come together each time we speak about the living facility in motion right now. We speak on the following:

- Intuition
- Healing ceremonies (Peru Iquitos - ayahuasca)
- Expansion of all aspects of beingness - as one - together

No Claiming Involved - No Marriage License - Peace at Work

- Garden center
- Truth throat chakra food choices
- Expansion of a living facility for ones that provide HIGH!
- Work Hour system and no system footage of gathering and building

Kenya controls all aspects of a controlled system. She plays ego well without being. As you roll into this work load of no load, and learn how to expand in a receiving manner of a load that is lifted only - you will see this way of providing as biblical and simple. Not as clutter disastrous and struggled.

Your feeling is always HIGH without the dairy food system in your belly to addict you to a system of pill poppin' high.

Welcome to the format of no format! lol

You don't have to will yourself here. A spirit calling is necessary to receive higher than what your beliefs are.

Wherever you are - limit your mindset - and gather your brain - and doodle draw your way to an unwinding of claim.

What picture do you see in the kitchen working this?

A system of Amish or Church Clan Network?

Clear your viewing screen (psychic 101)

Does She Feel This Tree?
Does she feel at all? Or is just smiling with love?

Does She Feel This To Be Her?
Or is she faking the funk with diabolical planning of grid mapping?

Family sees Tantra with Me Like This
Without the Sex

These Beings Started the Sex Play

Do you FEEL the healing ceremonies yet in Peru?

This is Who We Are - When We Spin Nice and Clean

Kenya Feels this Play Only - But the Vibrations Are Clear As Water H2O no More - What system has us to look a certain culture basis ego wayward gossip talking jive life?


Let go with us and know, you are the same as the water that streamed in the beginning only. This system is playing itself out to an inward stance. So when you drink your clean water you HAVE to clear so much - Where would it be? The fears that are not you? Streaming toward you? That you FEEL to clean so much?

Giving the glory to the all and nothing of it all - is not here. Feeling dirt ridden around you is what is attracting itself too. Find out more on the forum. Namaste!!!


Kenya Lynem Metaphysician PhD level

PS: Making fun of all the systems is very living raw kitchen style, but when you realize how you unfold after the calling becomes so stinky for you to linger out of nice - you may find yourself living in Peru or Canada. Not always to a higher vibrational realm as we sometimes say - in Arizona! Sedona that is...
And for my sister - the hippy image is only an image. Not what I'm claiming. HA!


The 800.00 package is a system that is a no system mental mind gap no more project. You will feel to unwind most with just one system package. Then, when you will feel to go a little deeper and sense the beings of ole working on your body level only (no more dis-ease in many areas of the physical ailed spirit), you will know why verbiage will matter no more and your exhaust will also feel tangled mentally no more. The next level in this package for another 800.00 is the foundational progressive learning of unlearning. What questions to ask your conscious efforts will be in this special class seminar. Then, lastly - for only $2500 - you receive 1 week ayahuasca healing adventure to vision quest your 3rd eye and do a daily washing of all levels of where you were in the past lives and beyond.

This whole special is a seminar deal only. The metaphysician is only here to assist and not be a guide in this realm of specialty. That is with the weekly $50 subscription only. This is extreme let go wealth system only!

For the entire package - you are liable for nothing anymore. People are not liable for you anymore either. You are free in spirit and will claim only nothing.

The entire package is $5,000
800 + 800 + 800 + 2500 + 100 (fee) = $5000 control free package (mind freedom swap no thing ever!)

In person (South America only) $7000 (2 month journey alone)

Peru 2 Months - Higher Mind Calling
Metaphysician Kenya Lynem PhD level