Sunday, July 21, 2013

Roses and Geraniums in The Summer

Roses and geraniums are all growth type plants that spring forward in the summer time nicely. The plant system is only the beginning of a watch that people do in their own way. I have all day to play in the garden!

The Garden of Angels is This!

When these systems grow, the growth spurt has everything around it such as, water, sun, and even nutrients from the soil to assist in the growth of the following years too.

When the soil is not nurtured or (as we say - coddled), the mind cannot grow this on its own. We have to play in the dirt a bit and allow mother nature to take toll on this project.

Gather the following utensils and we will assist in your project:


When you have a garden space available, the Power Source Media group will only dictate the procedures to follow and as you conquer we can set up a date to watch the plants bloom and till the soil too. Mother nature allows this event to be special all the time.


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