Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wipe That Grin Off Grunge Fool!

Lifting my spirit higher to talk to ones here is interrupting my flow. I am interrupted to a point of nothing in zero balanced return. Nothing is given and nothing received. Some may not function in speaking this, but when people feel a bit better about themselves, they will realize that this person is only trying to speak in a frame of reference to pin point why people feel so clingy to those in their generational gaps. Like brother, sister, neighbor of even marital blissed partner. Your wife or husband has something to do with you from the beginning. Let's take a time spin into a holistic way of saying, I am naughty, nice and all the above but never a moment of simple becomings.

Why are you still enough to understand you? Why are you so simple and tactful? Why are you balanced in the way you approach living?

When people ask this of those that are utilizing a way of nothing and beyond, they are simplified in a minimalist lifespan, style and ability to adjust their surroundings at will. Is this you?

Is the tactic you use or a lifestyle spin of what you are in substance?

Where are you in living you naturally? Why are you so becoming Kenya? Where are you so becoming in your way of knowing how I operate? It is me that cons the nectar out of your will pipe and do not linger in that enough to see you or me. I only see emotional pits of white and black murk. What is this? The feeling of sorrowful blissed openings or closings? With you or is thie with me? I see this with both. I have a way to understand me. Is this how I understand me? What is church living to me or Wicca or any other magical way to learn who I am? Me?