Friday, June 7, 2013

When People Don't Have You - Psycho Drama

What drama queen is this in front of me? Huh? What scary episode is this? What method of madness is this? Why are people going around and around talking about what they may do? What people are this that don't have a clue? Why are people so in left lane and pulled by the hair to see? What seeing is this for them? What are you doing right now that appears to be something? Why are you looking like you know? Why are you looking like you know when you don't know?

Forever is this drama going on in this head until someone says this:

I cannot do this anymore?!

Where am I to think this thought forever? Why are people doing something about themselves here? Why am I talking to this witch? Am I caring about the world or not? Am I fearing this one or not? Okay. I am okay. I am afraid and not anything is here but me and her. I think I may make a run for it and change my way. I love to love and want new in my living. I am here right now.

Stop taking care of me. I want to spread my wing to give into the lecture point of new or not so new. I am here too. I am here to spread nothing but gossip about you and why you are lingering in here with me. I am here. Fearing this out of me right now to even consider feeling this in this space that they create. Why am I fearing this out of me and not feeling this out emotionally in a play way? Because they are the ones to get loud and you don't want to be frightened off to a point. That they leave you blue and black and beat up so much that they know they are not right at all. Why?