Monday, June 10, 2013

What Expect Notion Can I Feel?

Finding a quarter or dollar bill has nothing to do with a noted pictionary card showing all your pimples or side burns. What figure of a statue doesn't want to do anything besides yurn for conquests that only note your expected flow is coming. Whether you are male or female. The flow of life is all this is. The flow of nothing to a point of emotional drama is not what you want, but what is vibed around us now. I cannot feel anything in my left side or right if I hear a family structure appeal call me in ways. The ways of love. Love is not bitter or rushed. Or brewed to a point of curd.

Where is the yeast in people that don't want to feel themselves anywhere? In sugar bowls? Why are people vibing this stuff to eat when they don't like the linger in their wayward walk? The linger goes beyond themselves and anything you may or may not like. Feel your walk in your own way and know why people cannot be without seaping themselves to a tea (tee).

Get out of my view. I am not worthy of your stares or factored pulls of energy spirals of love. Okay. I am being. With me. Namaste

Kenya Lynem The Psychic and Poetic Expression