Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Walking Toward Light

Living a lie. Living a faith filled walk and heart that will passion me toward a living that is fun and sex driven in ways. Find out where the sex is with food. Where do you know how I can come across? Why do you fear the sight of me? What are you in these ways? Can I find out why the light in me is so dank and dark? Why I want you to fear my very own living?

There is a message of love that reaches over people that do not supply what there is to do things here. I do not have a way to give to you each day you are living. I do not see where you are in ways of you. Do you see where you are? Do you have anything to know about the life factor of soap and dignity of grunge? The grunge ghetto fab appeal is here. Do you see this? To show you that they supply their own way too.

The Lord is a shepard of nappy fabulous lifestyle and does not hold back leaving if you do not have a way. Why do y ou have a way? Where would it be to give you something for your stay here too. I have something to do but nothing at all - to just look at you and your living. What living is in and what way is out today? The life of pushing me through the door if I ask anymore. I don't know you or what you do. I just know I don't see you order a spring cleaning - so I may just float out of here tonight.

Dark play is here to lure me into what I say in a heart way. I order just enough to stay but never enough to linger here. I want to but people don't so I must feel my way through this journey in the heart and understand as I do - I will see more in my path. To go. Namaste

Kenya Lynem
Spiritual Advisor and Friend