Thursday, June 6, 2013

Walking a Tight Rope in Ways

Functioning my own identity in a feel way. Meaning, what is a feel? Copping a feel? Watching a chick flick? Getting a vibe from someone who is super charged and nice? With feel?

What feel is this that people have that is excitement and fabulous comings and goings and appease the masses? How can I feel more to be with this person that makes me feel better? I can't do it on my own. Oh God, they are so wicked cool and are doing so much in the community and are rich and stuff.

What are people doing to gain admission to their own way?

What does this sucking action do for ones that are already in their own way but may not be in their hearts enough to vibe this entity action off their aura?

The channels of energy exchange are this and it is a using action and taking action that is being done at a higher level than any specifics can account for - Such as, I want more peas mom. No! I cannot do that for you. You get it. Oh. Okay. I will do more than to give you attention since you are so stubborn with doing this for me. Okay?

I want to do more. I want to do. I give you more. I give you less. I want to do more in exchange for a little dime or a big dime. The same things are being done but on different scales of the spectrum.

Why are people feeling like this is a joke? Feel out why the smile comes when you're not understanding a system of our own ability to be. Beingness. What is this? Are you being in a field or occupation that you love and play in and still make a grand?

Why is the root so standard here in ways of saying, "I have to do this or that in order for someone to do this or that for me." When you start bargaining for who you are, begin to understand why they do not buy into what you do. They only want to do more for themselves and not for the general masses as a heart walker does on a daily basis without knowing or thinking about it. They are complete in opening and receiving and actions are universal in masses. Thank you! Thank you! I do feel better about me!

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Kenya Lynem the Psychic and Advisor