Friday, June 7, 2013

Walkabout on Jersey Shore Line and Asheville

What quest is on the shoreline of Jersey's landscape viewing? Nothing. So when we go there, we do. What is this view that Asheville has in order to talk you into doing a Vision Quest series there with Kenya the Psychic at all? Nothing. Don't go. I really don't have anything else to do but myself. Hm.

Why are people doing these things nowadays? Why are they doing things that they feel to do but don't get involved until they want to - in future tense that is. What future is the heart walking into that educational references in school cannot see or foretell? Why are they feel centered nowhere but they do tell you what to do. Mom and dad do. Teacher do. Counselor do too. What the hell is this system telling you to feel out on your own? Your friend gossip party? Hm.

Get into a silent way of knowing why they control each and every raunch type group setting so that you can do more here. They have to adjust their own casual affair and don't want to do that so much here. Not so much there either. Maybe here though - in ways of knowing though - that he or she is the one that will journey with forever.

Why do people feel to explain for you in the room when you are not involved with this conversate literate quest to nurture your intellect? But why? What spirit does this? An effective counsel call to the principle office? Or something similar? I am noun driven for lecture material. Not for you. Okay, let's go. Home. Bye bye.

Kenya the Psychic, counselor and guru of Vision Quests - Peru Iquitos Ayahuasca Retreats