Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tattoos Marks and Scars

What lifts these better? Anything? A treatment or a holistic cleansing? A way for people to see that whatever surgical procedures you do, cannot be lifted once you do anything beyond you. Let's check this out now.

Where are the products that would do this and is the skin protected? If not, what happens under a microscope once you run out of product or reasons to get a fixed identity that doesn't linger in makeup to appeal to the masses?

What kind of photshop expression does anything different to you than delivering a message of fingered food and toiletries? Maybe this is a time of adjustment for many. Maybe people don't have a way to do anything else than what they do. Where is my family with this? Where are my neighbors or best friends from a century ago? I have a clue about this but maybe it does not hit your ears right away.

You are beautiful!

Time to get a touchup, a cleansing or even a shaking of your energetic body to supreme your eyes to all things that are you! Namaste beautiful You are glorious.