Monday, June 17, 2013

Silence of the Witch : Trials of the Lamb Part II

A journal of witch hunt like trials is not this book. But it is a living light way of saying the following: Why are you always around to bring such favor to the ones here? Why are people so hurt by ones that are different? Can people feel themselves here more than over their or are they weary in a talk that doesn't feel love as much?

What talk does people mess around with in the stars? Does the book of evil come to mind here? Or does a book of light and love come to mind? If a person were to find out that they are supernatural and love at the same time, why do they feel so depressed at times?

What do people feel about a book that may not sound appopriate to a tentative schedule of living beyond the world?

The world doesn't find itself controlled as much as your own taste and luck.

Can different people know why they are vibing a knowing of known discovery that doesn't fear you or me, but does fear himself? The teaching can be made in vibes or dignified ways? What dignified way does people know who you are? It's when people don't feel as much themselves here - that they do in a whirlwind of crazy funny laughter. Sometimes distinct brave hearts that don't care how this comes out with herself. It is a feel distinct mode of rolling these spirits are doing in order to gain access to each other's brains that don't have enough to do but start drama calls in sound.


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