Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pimples and Acne Skin

Why do you want so much to do things more than you are? Is this where the skin is today? Or is the ventured gain on any of this the same? The prone silk way of people covering their own minds? The world spins in a centrofuged whereabout ability spin. Why do people find themselves in this cycle again and again and again? Where would that be with you?

Can I tell why I do things and how things roll? The domino effect stays around me but lingers with you. How is the matter shifting so much around me? Am I showing myself in ways I may not have seen before this life spin? I am. Whereabouts are here. Skin and disease and any dis-ease in the energy auric chamber has much to do with why you feel to patronage and accept a hand on the back from one that will say, "I cannot do you better than you." Where is this today in the world that does this now? Control factors of entity play of business to business, people to people and even spirit matter that says - Boo!

Why does the skin and the sacral chakra balance out new age talk? Because it is one and the same in each aspect. Our skin has much to do with people, sex and even skin issues that resolve slow. Where are we with lingering salt water on us versus midst of dank dark gestures and patterns?

We are resolving in our beingness right now. Blessed be and the Wiccan way of Namaste is not this, but could be if you balance your energy completely. Nice day!

Skin issues are nothing! But energetic chambers are everything to open, receive and cleanse and allow the universe to go within our symptom prone ways. Speak to spiritual guru Kenya Lynem The Psychic to talk about getting a auric cleansing and possibly a review to go over weekly in order to gain access to your ability to do this on your own.