Thursday, June 20, 2013

Native Cries in the Dark - Spirit Roll is On

When spirits roll they do this, can I do this here? Can I do that here? What are we to do anything different or not? Can I fear this out now? Am I not able to do this?

How are people living in the world that do this everyday anyway? There is a how to this too. NOt so distinct and specific is this all the time.

The one speaking through right now is a man named Herue and Williams is not his real name and never does he give that out - okay. I am here to say that spirit roll call is here and we play very challenged and outbound heart spear games with ones that feel to say something and sometimes can get in their own messin way. We are rated on this - so language is dimmed a bit.

I have specific forum though to roll very real - The ayahuasca roll call is here to go to Peru this year and next for a specific time period only. A vegan light raw type of facility is being built for ones that feel this mission. Living raw. Giving and Receiving. Community built location. Garden and Living. Living and Sleeping. No more. Sleeping is for the conscious controlled substance fibred person that doesn't feel themselves anymore in this Earth fair share trade. Okay. We are here on soil that will build itself again. Leave your questions only to those who feel a bit. Okay. Why are ones so afraid to come real? Let me share some bitter news: we are all one. We are all becoming newer in all games that we roll on ward to ward and for ward in call to duty. Amen namaste blessed occasional bliss and looking forward to feeling ourselves in this.