Monday, June 10, 2013

Light Blue Creative Aspirations

What creativity rolls through people day to day? What color vibes a creative wondered work? When people understand the light aspects of who they are, they will feel a bit. A compellsive habit of pondering on where one is is not this ideal. Or wonderment. What if I were to say she or he was in the bathroom or in a canister of mental chaotic blissed function? I am not vibing her with you. I am not vibing anyone with her or him or sally mae. I cannot explain why light blue does this right now with you.

The light blue color of aspiration will understand everything you must work through to speak out in a way of silent peace offering bliss for the one who tries to work through and with you. I am not in any way dealing with people on an x factor level of enemy number 1 status. I have nothing to do with you or you or you. When you feel I have something to do with you, then you know that green healing effects the heart and heals quick. In regards to creativity, the spirit in you does this on a day to day basis. Whatever  you feel, then you know why this spirit only vibe reality with her. Nothing else. Get into a mode of painting or crafting a beautiful mist of delivered flowers or maintain them in your leveled view. The focal on your 3rd eye should only see beauty. Not anything else. Where are  you with creativity?

What craft do you desire to make or create this spring?

Lets vibe here or comment here if you like. Namaste