Monday, June 3, 2013

Laundry List - For the Bucket Show

I wanna do this I wanna do I wanna I wanna I wanna...

How are you doing in your living day to day and you wanna play? Ha! I want to do things but I don't want to do things and I have a life to fulfill with these children and men and women! I have work and I just don't want to miss out on my passion filled living.

When people look at the laundry, they say I don't want to do anything else until these clothes get done or dumb. Meaning, where are plaid shorts that need to be washed right now. Let's throw his in the recycle bin for the neighbors to get.

I want to do things is this article. I just do. I want to go in the neighbors trash can and really take some notes on how they play scrabble and pin the tale on the man show hubby. Ha!

I can't do anything I want. Deeply sighing now and woeth me. Oh me!

Kenya Lynem the Psychic