Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kenya Lynem - The Psychic : Finding Minimalist Lifestyle Appealing?

What limited feel do you have with yourself? People let go all the time. This video series shows why people don't have and they feel to all the time. 

The book on Amazon called Silence of the Witch by Kenya Lynem The Psychic is not only a book of substance calling to your feelings but also to your logic mind as well. Where you feel to judge the language - this is the language of the people of the tribes in many places that wanted to do more work here and was denied. 

Where would the language of someone giving up their self come up often in conversations with those around saying this: Why are you so different? 

A car living or even a van or even a trailer is appealing on sand that is wealth oriented and fibered in quality factors of healing entity traits. 

The author speaks from the heart. Lifts her spirit and arrives in a form of universal pulls that allow her to see clearer and heftier around folk that feel to just feel on pretty or different. Weird is the talk now. Where is this home? Heart is her speak. Choosing to let go of a house, lifestyle of middle quality class but rich appeal is not always the topic of many about her. She goes around as matriarch is the speak of tongue that is mostly snide and aggressive with wanting to feel her out more in a force that is factored to heal in the moment. Any confusion. Or chaotic blissed cursing. The cursing that comes out of the lips may have much to do with this - Do you really know what you are doing little girl? This goes to ear of almost 40 but they are looking at themselves only.

When different in your face, it stays there only for awhile and then leaves and the linger is on them. No stance here. Get a grip. A lifestyle - awkward as it is - is the shit. Namaste