Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Growing Substance in Fire

What lifestyle change do you have to do in order to take anything back for you? What are you doing in ways that reflect your makeup? What find do you attract in your space that reflects a past of new? A past of historical view? Or a past that isn't in light in this lifetime for you? But may become easier to see tactfully in a psychic reading that is made to encounter your beingness.

What living standardizes my living here? An economical scheme or one that takes the cake from people and brings them nothing in giving? One of Christian ethics or ethics of the light instead? Where is this light that distinguishes?

What is this living that continues to go onward and onward until someone says I don't feel this anymore? Where is this living now? Can I fancy you in ways to respond to me somehow? I don't have a way but this and want this shit to work.

I want this way to work. I want this clown to see me for who I am. I am not going to go through this living in ways. I want to live in light and distinctly place myself in the dark shadow of someone to not cringe but to gain perspective only. What is the dark to me?

Is this me? A shadow of me? Or something that doesn't fear the light and just hampers away when the sunlight shines bright? I am this. I am. Where am I today?


Kenya Lynem
Spiritual Advisor