Thursday, June 6, 2013

Giving My All To You

What living social ability do people all have one in the same? The night life? A stepping stone to say I am here or there? Why do people participate in moving me or lifting my high horse into a wayward production? I have to do videos that talk about the world alot but I don't feel to do that most of the time. I only feel to be. I only feel to do things I want to do. I only feel - you!

What you do I feel the most? The one that isn't me. The one that doesn't have to be so blunt all the time. The one that doesn't have to be so mimicked or mocked by society. The one that is popular. The one that people love alot and like. Maybe love a bit. The one the animals lick and love. Bunches and bunches. Why do I have a dog that bites me or growles or goes to the bathroom on the carpet often in nervous energy? Why do I have to train someone to speak over and over to me in a wayward walk way? What energy does this often?

Hate, bitter, remorse and any energy that is not pure felt love. Agape is this. What is the train of love to do in creating blissed out ways of natural medium painting oils? What is this painting having to do with feeling you at all? Your spirit plays in art, creative works and even soul searching while you are here on Earth. People all over join hands in this world circle that doesn't want to do anything but love you up and down in a spiraled affect of nation glory. See? Why do you feel different that I am here versus there in your present becoming witnessed appealed way? I have things to do. I have things I have to do all day. Where is it that I have to do things for your ass? Come and subscribe to the following blog and you will understand why people run after you that have stolen.

I don't realize why they do these things, but I do know why they come back and afford a blissed account of taking. This is where I'm at - taking me back.