Monday, June 3, 2013

Furniture out of Style - What?!

When furniture gets to a point that you don't want it anymore, why would people feel themselves in it for another 15 years? What is this? Why are so many people gathering up items and placing it in attics and basements and even in the backseat of luggage style vehicles? Are we hoarding? Or are we gathering for different seasons.

Sometimes the vehicles that we are in have to manage a day of delivery service for those who want vegan pizzas or subs. Are we that desperate? Or we mongers of different lifetime episodes that don't have anything to do with life or living or even love? Can we sell our couch in the spring and get a buck for it nowadays?

This is all life talk but not so much. Where is the living in the world?

Where would article like these come in to play everyday without a psychic delivering a message?