Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Community Oriented Skill Work - Employment at Home

What type of day do you adjust to in the morning? Afternoon? Or even at home with your loved ones? Why are they claiming a one stop shop here as a community resource? What type of adjustment needs to be made mentally to arise to any occasion openly? Why do  people play?

Where is the play that has to do with the indivdual that doesn't want to flow as cleanly with you until you get rid of nothing with them? Your social skills may be affected but it may not have to be a soul searching in order to learn this skill. What type of social heart role do you play with yourself? Do you beat yourself up when a job is not available? Or do you see how things go first? Do you know that you are assertive, aggressive, laid back or even determined to make it in the world? What employment opportunity exists in your head? One that says, "Dictate to me? Or I will create on the go with my own flow?"

Where is this to analyze anything right now with yourself? Are you open enough to see your resistant flow patterned in a way that you include your emotional baggage to the interview? Do you see this?

Adjust to your living and your way and understand a flow is here to assist you in spirit land. Feng Shui is not an organized thought process, but it is something that can get you started with a flow of smooth sailiings. Insist that you open and receive this organized way and allow the universe to adjust its pattern with you today. Namaste

Kenya Lynem The Psychic

Advisor, Mentor and Feng Shui Director of spirit flow in the Light Federation