Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Business Opportunities - Moms at Home

What are moms doing at home that don't want to do things at all? What are they that don't feel to do anything at all or may be depressed in their knowledge bank on what to do and stay with the children instead of away?

The society outlook on this is so advanced but never a dull moment. What action point is this for people that build a business for themselves in the workforce too? Do they spend enough hours at home with these kids? Or do they go beyond a memory of what it is like on a vacation in open ways of natural setting? A breath taking moment. A sigh of relief only with a cocktail that doesn't help them or you. Where is this?

Function on learning who I am and you will understand why the readings of the 3rd eye are so brief when I visit your memory stream. I am in a way of psychic readings and foreplay of the mind to get you to spread your wings better than what you have remembered in your mental state of past living. What are you in doing? What are you in feeling out an emotional banked way that can spread your mind and wings better today? Now? Still moments are this. Blessed be the one of the way of seeing.


Kenya Lynem The Psychic

Reader, Alchemy, and Advisor at work (at home)