Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tires and Swings go Outside Not IN

Have I explained enough about my style and ability to function me or not? I have all things in the world to do but you. HAHA

I want to do more than just you all day. So let me know why you are so adamant about using my fuckin way right now?

I love you - but not that much. Do you love you dear?


Maybe you are too much for you own self in ego interest of gold cards and express visa mastered all - huh? Do you know everything and feel to do more?

What are you doing? I am feeling on you so much - I want to do more with me. Oh.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Suicide and all its efforts to vibe

What feeling is hovering across toward a way only? As this era only feels to dictate - he is all he sees right now in me. What does he feel to see different? That you are all doing the right things. We are the ones that suck. Get our energy out of your gut so that you can distinguish why you are all here to help us. We are all in our own ways but you are all in your own ways too. To dictate and to leave your lessons behind for us when we get to a place of feel to return to home bed that doesn't make sense - even now.

Why? ARe you all so vibed up on your own thing that you don't have anything better to say to us than hello?

Why are we being ignored - and scorned by our own ancestors right now? Why - are you still here doing? Why are you still here doing more than what we all feel you are doing? What work are you doing now? ARe you professional or are you still the baby boom sized up trimmed up and nothing factor you all speak? What are you doing that you are doing so much right now? What feeling do you have to do all of this? Are you doing more than me? I have nothing to do all day but what I do. I have nothing to do all day but what we all do. And that is stare at you until you leave.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why are you Weary

The factor of nothing is all of this. What are you weary about in your living? What factors come out when we sit next to each other?

Classroom Study Time:


  1. I am here - but not often with you (factor y)
Are you kidding me right now?
I am here - but now in my classroom - so who is pulling the strings ego - mania person?

Oh - Lets play then!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Issues that Don't Ever go

Why are you looking at me so hard right now? Do I have to do things that don't make sense or teach a class that isn't grand for it now - especially with donations coming in slim.

What slim appeal has nothing to do with a cake eating entity?

The love stream of how this show goes is also very dictation ready and knowing. So if you see a video, it may be just right for on this blog but not on the series on youtube. So look for all the unlisted vids from Kenya on youtube and you will feel them out only on this blog, and also


Facebook ready too ;-)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Giving More than you Desire


Where is the nation so ready to do more than their share right now? Do you feel you are ranting about something you may or may not feel? Why are you debating about something here that doesn't feel right now? Give your talk a way to feel you right now.

Leave the door open for me to speak at your ceremony. What is the feel of that with a shaman?

Why do you feel you are that? Why do you feel you are what you are not? YOu are not steering our business out of business. Okay. Why are you feeling you are? Why are you feeling you are doing that? I think you are doing that. I have nothing to say to you until you realize why I am hearing this from your aunt too. Why is your aunt frightened - and why does she call to see if you are still there? So much? I love you but you are not getting into my feelings girl. Not you. I have better things to do than repent for a way to do. I have nothing to do all day but this and play. So get out of our facility before the young ones start to like you more. My ways of ole are lasting with me and will not get over on you until you get in Williams way. Do you understand me now - jethro? I have to do things my way - cause he is not falling cause of me. I will blame all of you baby y fu and you will never know why I am the devil in your eye.


What blah why and whah whine cries so much in your face?

What blam thank you ma'am is this too? In the gut though - not the butt. The gut shows the force of will is stronger than you are - will. Why? Cause you are not that either - get it? What shaman effort doesn't have to be but a whisper to make stirring happen? I want you to know that you are what you stirred into oblivion from the ways of ole only. So if you feel to blame - give that to the bird that threw you a bone anyway. Uh oh bills of the states.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What Tactic do I have to play

What type of play goes beyond the spectrum of seeing? What feeling do you have with me now? Do i have to project hatred on others for you to see who I am better or do you have to know why you are down here more than up here playing around - cause this is some thick linger issue we all mangled ourselves inward toward with a heart journ that is no more. The heart in the state of conscious effort is to upbring your level of frequency to a higher stance to delve no more into a realm of funk. What is the funk doing marinating now in these upper levels to have us to be aware now?

What fuckery is here that doesn't have to be?

What frequent upbringing is this for ones to underrelate toward only? What function told us all to higher your waves of attunements? What frequency is all attuned to now? What EArth doesn't leave us numb? What number is this that we are all under - numb - number - zero - factor only.

Where is the dictation toward living? What plan doesn't have a master in it here? now

What still quality of the nation is not here at all? What part of the nation doesn't like me right now?

Here is the way of the world with me. I want to speak to me often, but the world cuts in and places more meanings for us. The beings of ole are relating - not so much though with me. Namaste

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wanding your Ways

Love your ways and you get what? Triple that and you get gut. What way is your stancing of the system of glory and don't want to be. And don't feel to have this sign up now about the free WiFi. You are supposed to do more than just sit there and type. I want to do more and function you out - so that your girl way is just that. Not hefty. Just a girl way. Why are you here in my facility? Why are you here making any stance online? We are exposing enough to you. We are displaying our stupe. Why are you so determined to get me locked up here? I have to do more than what I do in order to keep up with what you are doing.

What baby boomed station is this?

I have nothing to do all day but play with your mental capacity for any Alzheimer dis-easement of the natural stance of organic and indoctrinated ways of blending green natural style. I want the meat and dairy on holidays we all spend more on and sometimes not. Why are you so determined to catch up with what I speak?